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El Cielo Es Real [2014] [NTSC/DVDR] Ingles, Español Latino

 Título Original: Heaven Is for Real Año: 2014 Duración: 99 min. País: USA Director: Randall Wallace Guión: Chris Parker (Libro: Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent) Música: Nick Glennie-Smith Fotografía: Dean Semler Reparto: Kelly Reilly, Greg Kinnear, Jacob Vargas, Jon Ted Wynne, Danso Gordon, Darren Felbel, Nancy Sorel Productora: Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) Género: Drama. Fantástico | Religión SINOPSIS Un… Read More »

DC Talk – Welcome To The Freak Show (2003) (Full DVD)

1. Help 2. So Help Me God 3. Luv Is A Verb 4. Colored People 5. Like It, Love It, Need It 6. What If I Stumble 7. In The Light 8. Mind’s Eye 9. Day By Day 10. Walls – Time Is 11. The Hardway 12. Jesus Freak 13. Jesus Freak (Music Video) 14. Colored People (Music… Read More »


Sinopsis: La historia de William Tyndale y su labor de traducción de la Biblia al ingles, tiene cada ingrediente de una historia de suspenso – un rey, un cardinal, agentes secretos, un traidor y un fugitivo. William Tyndale vivió en los crueles días de Henry VIII, cuando los hombres eran quemados, atormentados y torturados por crímenes más pequeños… Read More »

Don Moen – I Will Sing (DVD Full)

Singer-songwriter-preacher Don Moen is a marvel of productivity and talent. The humble worship leader has forged a highly successful musical career for himself in the Christian Contemporary Music world. I WILL SING features Moen (you guessed it!) singing some of his catchy religious tunes including “Our Father,” “Lord You Are Good,” and “I Will Sing.” Accompanied by Lenny… Read More »

DC Talk – Supernatural 2003 (DVD Full)

01. Dc Talk – Dive 02. Dc Talk – It’s Killing Me 03. Dc Talk – My Friend (So Long ) 04. Dc Talk – Since I Met You 05. Dc Talk – Godsend 06. Dc Talk – Into Jesus 07. Dc Talk – My Will 08. Dc Talk – Consume Me 09. Dc Talk – Wanna Be… Read More »

Grace Unplugged [2013] [NTSC/DVDR] Ingles, Español Latino

   Título Original: Grace Unplugged Año: 2013 Duración: 102 min. País: USA Director: Brad J. Silverman Guión: Brad J. Silverman (Historia: James Killian, Brandon Rice, Brad J. Silverman) Música: Jeff Lippencott Fotografía: Stash Slionski Reparto: AJ Michalka, James Denton, Kevin Pollak Productora: Coram Deo Studios / Birchwood Pictures Género: Drama | Música. Cine independiente USA   SINOPSIS La… Read More »

Me Enamore De Una Chica Cristiana [2013] [NTSC/DVDR] Ingles, Español Latino

   Título Original: I’m in Love with a Church Girl Año: 2013 Duración: 118 min. País: USA Director: Steve Race Guión: Galley Molina Música: Bruce Fowler, Israel Houghton Fotografía: Keith Duggan Reparto: Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin, T-Bone, Vincent Pastore, Toby McKeehan, Martin Kove Productora: Reverence Gospel Media Films Género: Romance. Drama | Religión. Drama… Read More »

PlanetShakers – Limitless (DVD)

Originally formed in 1997 to lead worship for the first Planetshakers Conference held in Australia, the Planetshakers band is passionate about uniting generations worldwide through worship. Their goal is to see people encounter God, be transformed by His presence and empowered to make a difference in their world. While they tour internationally, the team remains based out of… Read More »