Rebecca St. James – aLIVE (DVD Rips)

By | 24 November, 2013

have been a Rebecca St. James fan for 8 years now, have seen her in concert twice, and have met her three times (you will not meet a nicer person) and I have been waiting for her to release a full-length concert DVD for ages. I was not disappointed by “aLIVE in Florida”. The concert contains her most recent material-there are no songs from her self-titled debut, “God”, or “Pray”. But that doesn’t make the concert any less phenomenal. The show opens with “God help me” and never looses momentuem from there. “Wait for me” gets another make-over and still sounds beautiful. “Reborn” has a rocky edge, a departure from the original more techno sound. Rebecca’s brother Joel, who is her long-time backup singer joins Rebecca to do TobyMac’s part in “Thank you”. Then Joel is joined by another one of Rebecca’s brothers, Luke, to sing “Without a love”. “Without love” is a song that will hopefully be on the duo’s upcoming album. It’s cool to see how Luke has grown. When I first became a fan, Luke was not even a teenager and now he’s full-grown and has taken the place of the second backup singer from another brother Daniel and Charmaine. Rebecca’s shows have always been minimal in the set but with the addition of a video screen and her lights are always amazing, the flashy stuff that other singers use doesn’t even matter.

6. Intro [DVD]

  • 17. God Help Me [DVD]
  • 18. Lamb of God [DVD]
  • 19. Wait for Me [DVD]
  • 20. You Are Loved [DVD][Version]
  • 21. Beautiful Stranger [DVD]
  • 22. Compassion International Talk [DVD]
  • 23. Reborn [DVD]
  • 24. Thank You [DVD]
  • 25. Without Love [DVD]
  • 26. Take All of Me [DVD]
  • 27. Blessed Be Your Name [DVD]
  • 28. Forgive Me [DVD]
  • 29. Alive [DVD]
  • 30. Blessed Be Your Name (Reprise) [DVD]

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