Birthright Ministries – Birthright Reborn 2014

By | 1 November, 2014
Birthright Ministries - Birthright Reborn (2014)


01. Same Old Story (feat. Johnny Barber)
02. I’m Redeemed (feat. Rita Barber)
03. One Voice in the Wind (feat. Rita Moore Barber)
04. Angels in the Garden (feat. Rita Barber & Johnny Graves)
05. I Wouldn’t Change (feat. Rita Barber)
06. My Wait Won’t Be Too Long (feat. Rita Barber)
07. Auction Block (feat. Rita Barber)
08. Shepherd of My Life (feat. Johnny Barber)
09. Death Paid the Ransom (feat. Rita Barber, Johnny Barber & Johnny Graves)
10. Home Forevermore (feat. Rita Barber)



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