Anberlin – Vital the Remixes 2013

By | 22 October, 2015

1. Someone Anyone (Spacebrother Remix)
2. Desires (Spacebrother Remix)
3. God, Drugs, & Sex (Resist Temptation Remix)
4. Innocent (Joseph Milligan Remix)
5. Intentions (Joseph Milligan Remix)
6. Little Tyrants (Joseph Milligan Remix)
7. Other Side (Celebrated Heroes Remix)
8. Self-Starter (JT Daly Remix)
9. Said Too Much (Joseph Milligan Remix)
10. Orpheum (JT Daly Remix)
11. Type Three (Leverage Models Remix)
12. Unstable (Leverage Models Remix)
13. Modern Age (Nick Rad Remix)


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